Alliance Community Healthcare is managed by a team of qualified and highly experienced healthcare executives and practitioners. We are committed to delivering outstanding quality healthcare and supportive services that will enhance the patient experience at every encounter. We strive daily to earn your trust and business.  We recognize that you have many choices for your healthcare home, and we are committed to partnering with you to realize your best health and wellbeing.

Ms. Marilyn Cintron

Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Cintron – Has been the Chief Executive Officer of Alliance since 2005, prior to her becoming CEO, Ms. Cintron served as Chief Operating Officer of Horizon Health Center with over 20 plus years building and innovating healthcare delivery solutions focused on Integrating Healthcare and Social Services. Ms. Cintron has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology, and Clinical Social Work from Rutgers University Douglass College and a certified J&J Healthcare Executive Fellow, UCLA program.

Ms. Arlene Simon

Chief Operations Officer & Chief Information Officer

As Chief Operations and Information Officer, Ms. Simon is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the health center. In her dual role as Operation and Information System Officer for the  Health Center, Ms. Simon balances the daily operations of the Health Center with an advanced platform of enterprise technology designed to support healthcare innovation and constantly evolving to serve and respond on demand, to the needs of patients and staff.

Dr. Surendra Jakhar, CA, BS, MS, MBA, JD, PhD

Chief Financial Officer

The CFO is Dr. Surendra Jakhar, who reports to the CEO and is responsible for overseeing all components of the financial billing and accounting functions. The CFO assists the Board with strategic, operational, and fiscal planning including oversight of annual budgets and resources. Dr. Jakhar is highly educated and possesses a portfolio of academic qualifications including CA (Chartered Accountant), BS (Accounting), JD (Law), MS (Financial Management), MBA and PhD.

He has a particularly strong background in the management of Not-For-Profit organizations having held Senior Executive positions on several such organizations where he had responsibility for the development and implementation of management systems.

He is able to provide senior management with a precise view of the financial effects of management actions and financial strategies; internal control; strategic planning and performance appraisal of the organization. A senior-level professional who brings both strategic and hands-on expertise in financial management & reporting, compliance, business development, strategic planning, legal, financial analysis, for-profit & not-for-profit organizations and consultancy.

Dr. Khashayar Vosough, FACOG

Medical Director

The Medical Director is Dr. Vosough reports to the CEO and is responsible for providing medical leadership and oversight of the clinic’s operations and clinical care protocols.

Board certified OBGYN with expertise in minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures including, ovarian cyst removal, tubal ligation, and hysterectomy. Amongst the first in the state to employ the use laparoscopy as a means of uterine treatment, while training many local and regional physicians on its modus operandi, techniques and proficiency under various scenarios. Central focus on putting patients at ease and clearly diagnosing even the most difficult cases. Driven as a patient advocate and educator, and driven to communicate well and establish strong rapport with all patients.

Dr Gerald Belgrave, DMD

Director of Family Dental Services

Dr Belgrave has been leading the Alliance family Dental services department for the past 15 years. He is a favorite of our patients who are known to speak often of his gentle way of putting them at ease so that they recall no discomfort. Dr Belgrave leads a talented team of Dentist and Hygienist and is a Graduate of Howard University.

Ms. Tracie Meyers

Director of Community Services

The Director of Community Services is Ms. Tracie Meyers who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Ms. Meyers continues to practice by providing individual, group and family counseling sessions on topics such as Anger Management, Bereavement, and Effective Parenting. responsibility for providing oversight to the Behavioral Health team. Under her supervision, staff may be deployed into the community to perform Public Health Education in the schools, churches, corporates, community organizations, and government agencies.

Ms. Meyers also coordinates health expos where ACH have multiple companies come together to educate the community on health-related topics, perform blood pressure screenings, glucose screening, dental and HIV screenings on site. Over Ms. Meyers is also an adjunct professor at NYU Silver School of Social Work and sits on various mental health boards.

Ms. Angelica Villatoro

Human Resources Manager

The HR Director is Angelica Villatoro who is responsible for the administration of the HR function in compliance with State and Federal regulations. Angelica overseas the efficient operations of the day-to-day functions of managing employee records, payroll preparations, employee orientation, staff training and development, and ensuring compliance with all applicable employment laws.  She hold an MBA from St. Peters University.

Ms. Melissa Colón

Director of Revenue Cycle Management

As the Director of Revenue Cycle Management, Ms. Colon is responsible for Patient Payments, Claims Management and Processing, Credentialing and Patient Service.

Carmen (Nick) Tomieo

Director of Operations

The Director of Operations is Mr. Carmen (Nick) Tomeio who is an experienced Hospitality Trained Manager with responsibility onsite day to day management for multiple locations and numerous contractors. He is directly responsible for the environment of care settings and services to enhance the patient safety and experience.