We are committed to delivering outstanding healthcare and supportive services that will exceed your expectations with every visit. We strive daily to ensure that you receive the best care possible for all your physical and mental health needs. We are your ally in life with our commitment to serve quality, accessible healthcare to our diverse community.

Ms. Marilyn Cintron (BA, CCJS, FACHE)

Chief Executive Officer

With over twenty years at Alliance, Ms. Cintron has devoted her academic excellence and passion for helping others towards cultivating our healthcare delivery. She assumed the role of CEO in 2005 and continues to pursue her goal to make Alliance the healthcare provider of choice as an “ally in life” to all. From patients, staff, and board members, her objective is to be the first place everyone we encounter thinks of when they need healing for the mind or body. She hopes to sustain our team to support and provide exceptional customer service to each other and our community.

Ms. Cintron holds a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Rutgers University-Douglass College. She is a UCLA J&J Healthcare Executive Fellow. Her dedication to the community has extended through her creation of a Step-Down unit for the homeless during the COVID-19 self-isolation stage, expanding our Prison Re-Entry outreach to include mental health and our visitations to assist the homeless with their mental and medical needs. Her belief that healthcare is a right for all human beings is what motivates her resolution to provide the best healthcare to our diverse population.

Dr. Norma B. Milanes Roberts, MD, FACOG

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Roberts joined Alliance with confidence in our system of not just tending to those in need but doing it with heart. She bears the medical ideology of caring for the whole patient, not just their chief complaint, and finds motivation in the positive outcomes of her patient care. In partnering with her, patients can expect a calm mindset, respect, and attentiveness. If she doesn’t have the answer to a question, she will research or provide direction to find it.

With residency graduation in 1999, Dr. Roberts made a goal to not only make an impact in the medical aspect of practice but in its policies and procedures. She holds a BA in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers, an M.D. from the University of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ and is currently working on her MHA with Grantham University. In professional administration, Dr. Roberts served as Clinical Director for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in NCHC for seven years, and Director of Women’s Health with NHCAC in West New York for six. She regularly volunteers for medical missions and has traveled to Ghana several times with Adopt-A-Village. Dr. Roberts is also a Fellow of The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Dr. Surendra Jakhar (MS, MBA, PHD)

Chief Financial Officer

The duties of our Chief Financial Officer involve the supervision of all components for financial billing and accounting functions. Dr. Jakhar assists the Board with strategic, operational, and fiscal planning. His academic portfolio consists of a Chartered Accountant certification, Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Juris Doctor in law, Master of Science in Financial Management, a Master of Business Administration, and a Ph.D.

With a particularly strong background in management of Not-For-Profit organizations, he hopes to achieve the budget and financial goals of Alliance Community Healthcare. He provides senior management with a precise view of the financial effects of management actions and financial strategies; internal control; strategic planning and performance appraisal.

Dr. Gerald Belgrave (DDS)

Director of Family Dental Service

His interest in dentistry stemmed from chipping a tooth in fifth grade when Dr. Belgrave’s family was living in Panama. Besides the idea of being able to help others, the procedure for undergoing a root canal and surgery fascinated him. That imprint of dentistry would resurface during his sophomore year in college. With his sister going to medical school, Dr. Belgrave felt a push to switch from pursuing a degree in business to dental. He would graduate Howard University in 1985 with a DDS.

Dr. Belgrave put the accommodation and flexibility he learned from growing up as a military-dependent kid towards medical practice. He continues to find drive in being able to work the frontlines, the back office, and from the sense of clarity he experiences working “in the moment.” Under his care, patients can expect his full attention and three decades of experience. Communication is important as Dr. Belgrave puts forth genuine compassion into getting to know what his patients need. As he is reaching the end of his career, Dr. Belgrave hopes to lead the future generation in medicine in mentorship like those who had guided him. Outside of Alliance, he enjoys gardening and has been heavily involved in Ministry work as well as providing community dental services.

Ms. Angelica Villatoro (MBA)

Human Resources Manager

Ms. Villatoro is responsible for HR function administration in compliance with State and Federal regulations. She oversees the efficient operations of the day-to-day activities of managing employee records, payroll preparations, employee orientation, staff training, team development, and ensuring compliance with all applicable employment laws. Ms. Villatoro holds an MBA from St. Peter’s University.

Her goal is to maintain a supportive environment within the workplace for professional collaboration and productive employee performance.

Ms. Melissa Colón

Director of Revenue Cycle Management

Ms. Colon’s responsibilities include Billing & Collections, Patient Registration, and Revenue Cycle Management. As a results-driven professional within her field, Ms. Colon utilizes solid interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills towards improving our practice environment. She has shown great initiative through her assistance in creating our sliding fee scale and clearing house transition. She approaches every project with dedication and attention to detail.   

Her work ethic involves open collaboration with her colleagues and attentive patient interactions for effective teamwork that achieves the goals of all parties. Ms. Colón continues to expand her knowledge within customer services and billing operations to ensure patient satisfaction. She enjoys being a part of our patient-centered team and giving back to our community through affordable healthcare.  

Dr. Shelly Sodhi (BS, DO)

Director of QI/Risk Management

For Dr. Sodhi, teamwork plays an important role in achieving success and a healthy work environment. Dr. Sodhi values teamwork within her leadership role as Quality & Risk Management Director.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology & Psychology from Rutgers University and has obtained a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine at KYCOM.  

She spent the last two years of her academic doctorate career in rotations seeing patients and performing clinical procedures while simultaneously developing protocols at outpatient clinics. Her current responsibilities include the leading of quality initiatives, running performance improvement activities with healthcare staff, clinical support training and the implementation of new policies. Dr.  Sodhi hopes to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare being delivered to vulnerable patient populations. Outside of work, she volunteers her time at a local animal rescue group and has participated in medical volunteer mission trips such as setting up a rural health clinic in Craighead, Jamaica. 

Ms. Arlene Simon

Chief Operating & Information Officer

Ms. Simon is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the health center and information technology services. Under her guidance, our practice has received dual PCMH Recognition and the built-in support infrastructure that allows us to be responsive to the community on-demand.   

Her current goal is to lead our practice to deliver sustainable healthcare that is accessible 24/7 across multiple platforms for all who seek it. Ms. Simon possesses an inherent ability to focus and organize tasks accordingly to successful completion. She balances the daily operations of the health center with an advanced platform of enterprise technology designed to support healthcare innovation. Her work at Alliance plays a large component in her philanthropic philosophy. She believes in the continuous process of improvement that she utilizes for the advancement of our practice in healthcare services and technology for our community.