I am thrilled to be associated with Alliance Community Healthcare; I’m even more honored to be chair of their Board. You might ask why? Number one reason is that they serve about 21,000 patients, that’s a lot of people from our community. Number two reason is that their mission is to serve all individuals who pass through their doors with above and beyond the call with care and help. How do I know this? I went to the Center as a patient and no one at the time knew who I was.  I was treated with such respect, compassion and dignity that I am now a patient as well.  I go there for many medical reasons and will continue to go there for care, it is not because I am part of the Board, this is just how they treat everyone who comes through their doors.  I send everyone I know there.

I have known and worked with Alliance Community Healthcare (formerly Horizon Health Center) for over 50 years, not as a Board member but as someone interested in how the community is being served.  They have been exceptional over the years; in fact I think that they have been responsible for the decline in teen pregnancy in Hudson County.  They have initiated extraordinary programs over the years to help the community at large.  Since being on their board I have grown as an individual and will continue to do so.

I have been involved with this community on a volunteer basis for over 60 years and I have worked on many committees and boards and as Chair of the Alliance Board of Directors, we are dedicated to keeping Alliance accessible and affordable to all who choose Alliance as their Medical Home. On behalf of our Board of Directors, we thank you for visiting our website. To our patients we thank you for choosing Alliance, we are honored and humbled that you have chosen us to partner with you in your healthcare journey. We stay committed to our community residents and patients, to always provide you the highest quality healthcare and supportive services and to be there when you need us. To get better each day, in service and care to everyone that comes through our doors or encounter our Team Alliance members at one of the numerous health fairs and events we sponsor or participate in throughout Hudson County.


Joyce Tolliver Adams
Board Chair

COVID-19 Boosters & Testing available at Alliance Community Healthcare. We also offer COVID-19 vaccines for children aged 5 and up.Call today at 201.451.6300!