• National Children’s Dental Health Month

        Milk residue can build up on your baby’s gums and tongue, leaving them vulnerable to bacteria. By regularly cleaning them after every feed, you’re getting your child used to good oral hygiene for when they’re old enough to brush on their own. If your baby still has white residue on their tongue and

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  • Integrative Health

    Integrative Health

    Raising children in Hudson County has its special challenges. But there’s no need for parents or children to struggle alone. The Alliance Community Services is a “one-stop” shop providing resources, support and a warm, safe environment for families raising children in Jersey City. Open to all in the community, we are a family-centered gathering place

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  • Visit Alliance Community Healthcare

    Visit Alliance Community Healthcare

    Services Available: Services Available: Family Medicine, Reproductive Health, Pediatrics, Dental, Care Coordination Services, Men’s Health, Behavioral Health, Podiatry, Pulmonology, Infectious Diseases, Transgender Care, Integrative Medicine

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