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    • 03/25/2021
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    National Nutrition Month Facts – Dairy

      Learn more about the benefits of adding dairy to your daily diet at myplate.gov/eat-healthy/dairy. Contact your Alliance Community Healthcare provider to find out what’s missing from your plate at 201.451.6300.

    • 03/18/2021
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    National Nutrition Month Facts – Proteins

      With any food group, always practice variety and moderation. Daily recommendations depend on factors such as age, sex and physical activity. Proteins can be a great source of nutrients such as B Vitamins, Iron and Magnesium. But you should watch your intake on cholesterol and saturated fat. It’s also important to note that protein

    • 03/08/2021
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    International Women’s Day

      Join us in celebrating #InternationalWomensDay by recognizing and appreciating the incredible women who have made a difference in your life today. Here’s to future success and equality for women across the globe. Learn how you can #ChoosetoChallenge and call out gender bias at www.internationalwomensday.com

    • 03/05/2021
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    WHM: Susan La Flesche Picotte

      Today we celebrate Susan La Flesche Picotte as a Woman in Medicine that made history as the first Native American woman doctor. She is an inspiration in her perseverance to serve the medical needs of her fellow tribe members and in her service of compassionate, unbiased care. Read more about Susan La Flesche Picotte

    • 03/04/2021
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    National Nutrition Month Facts: Fruit

      Depending on how much you exercise per day, you may be able to add more fruits to your plate while still staying within your calorie needs. Fruits are a great source of nutrients for your body and can even reduce your risk of developing issues such as heart disease and certain types of cancer.

    • 03/02/2021
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    Women’s History Month

      March is Women’s History Month! Alliance Community Healthcare would like to recognize the many women that have helped shape and cultivate the medical field. Let’s celebrate the women who forged a path for us and continue to make advancements in medicine: wimlf.org/womens-history-month.