Alliance Community Healthcare

Federally Qualified Health Center in Hudson County, NJ that offers a comprehensive range of healthcare and educational services to care for an under-served patient population.

Welcome to Alliance Community Healthcare

Better quality of life begins here.

Since 1963, Alliance Community Healthcare has provided high quality healthcare to women, men and their families in a safe, caring environment that’s accessible and affordable.

  • Our Vision: Better health and quality of life.

  • Our Mission: To provide quality care in a safe, compassionate environment.
  • If you have a health concern, or simply feel it’s time for a checkup, your ability to pay should not stand in the way of getting the healthcare you need.

Why trust us

Each year, more than 19,000 individuals entrust us to meet their medical needs.

We offer are “patient-centered” and individualized to your personal circumstances.

Our diverse medical staff reflects the racial and cultural makeup of the community we serve, and more than 30 languages spoken at our Centers (collectively). We get great satisfaction in communicating with our patients in a way that builds trust, improves compliance and achieves more effective treatment plans. That’s why we entered the healthcare field in the first place. We hope you entrust us with your care.

Why Choose Us

Our values. We all work together to help our patients through recovery, providing the best possible care.

  • By our actions and decisions, we consistently reflect the highest ethical standards. We operate on the basis of openness, and foster an environment of best practice, honesty and trust.
  • We view every patient encounter as an opportunity to “get better” together. We build upon the proven philosophy that quality and service improve over time using a process of continuous quality improvement.
  • Whether patient or caregiver, we treat each individual with dignity and compassion; we encourage creativity and assist one another to achieve our fullest potential.
  • From the moment they come through our doors, we value our patients’ time. We measure our performance against their standards and strive to exceed their expectations.
  • Collaboration and open communication are essential to our relationships. We combine our efforts with the efforts of others to achieve the greatest success.
  • Creating an atmosphere of safety for all patients and staff is our top priority. We can always reach higher for those we serve, to continually deliver improved outcomes for all the communities we serve.

We are widely recognized by industry experts as an innovator in implementing technology to enhance our services.

Using Technology To Serve You Better

  • Better access: All Alliance Community Health Care locations have access to patient information, so your record of care is easily shared and exchanged wherever you are treated;

  • Better insights: Alliance physicians can evaluate and compare your treatment with that of the overall population and specific individuals;

  • More evidence-based care: Alliance can easily track your health progress in the system and help you stay on a path to better health;

  • Efficient pharmacy: Alliance can e-prescribe medications through the system for timely and accurate prescribing;

  • Improved sharing with other providers: Alliance’s EHR can efficiently interface with Health Information Exchanges (HIE) to securely share information with other providers throughout New Jersey.