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When you or a loved one are faced with a healthcare crisis, or told you need specialized care, you’ll have questions. Many questions. And there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

What are my medical options? Where can I access the best care? Will the treatment be right for me? How will I pay for my care?

Helping people navigate the healthcare maze and finding the right answers for each individual patient is what Alliance Care Advocate Services is all about.

We offer patients who are confused or overwhelmed by the healthcare system personalized assistance–in the form of a designated Patient Advocate–who will guide you through the healthcare bureaucracy, help you identify the best healthcare options, and choose the treatment plan that’s right for you.

How can an Alliance Patient Advocate assist me?

  • Our experienced, multi-lingual Patient Advocates are trained to work with all partners and participants in the healthcare delivery system. At every stage, we communicate with them, and with you, to ensure you understand and consider all available medical options.
  • Working with our team of Professional Physicians/Providers and Care Coordination Nurses, we will review your medical findings and treatment options. We will ask hard questions, get second opinions (and sometimes third), then suggest the best possible alternatives.
  • We will even accompany you along the way, in person or via virtual calls, as needed.

We will not limit your care and options to what is available in your area. Nor will we limit your providers to those located in your state. We will look for every available option in the healthcare system, and will not stop until we have optimized every option for your best health outcome.

If you are looking for a blend of expertise and passion for patient care that has been shown to improve outcomes for individuals and employers alike, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

  • Phone (201) 451–6300 ext. 2238
    Margarita Cruz
    Patient Care Advocate (LSW)

What we do

Health Insurance – Enrollment Services

  • Program assessment
  • Health literacy and education
  • Marketplace navigator service
  • Enrollment and benefit analyst
  • Transition of care management

Community Services – Resources and Support

  • Homelessness mitigation/rental support services
  • Childcare support services
  • Job placement assistance
  • Mental & behavioral health services
  • Addiction treatment counseling & extended care support
  • Health and wellness seminars (i.e. health literacy and nutrition)
  • Chronic illness management and support
  • Family support, Information and services
  • Health coaching and nutritional guidance
  • Financial, legal and tax assistance
  • Utility support
  • Senior support

Advocate Services Contact

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